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John has worked in marketing for over 30 years and has both client and agency experience. He started his career in Sales and Marketing at a major foods group and then moved to the agency side and as Managing Director of a small agency helped build it into a group of six marketing service companies. He then set up his own integrated marketing agency: Marketing Perspectives. Perspectives was one of the first UK agencies to be awarded ISO 9001 for its business processes and was also one of Fast Company magazine’s original Fast 50. Clients included American Express, Carlsberg-Tetley, First Choice Holidays, Hewlett Packard, Meat & Livestock Commission, Texaco, Wilkinson Sword and Zurich Financial Services. In 1999 his company was acquired by WPP and in 2001 he was a founding partner of Red Cell: WPP’s global network for challenger brands. In 2003 he was inaugurated into the Marketing Agencies Worldwide Hall of Fame, and he currently serves as Vice President of Marketing. Recently John founded Wiki Solutions – a company using a web technology platform to facilitate ‘ideas’ and ‘action’ labs in which clients’ personnel interact with external experts to formulate business strategies. The company has enjoyed success working with a diverse range of clients including major law firms.